A Hug of Quiet

Crystal Mists of Silver Air

Crystal Mist in Silver Air by Lawernce Ball

Embrace your quietness with a deep, calming, inspiring hug

Dive under its sonic duvet of  many layers of material

Crystal Mists gives you space to expand the shore of your awareness

These are sound worlds of floating structures, of futuristic architecture, of gradually turning exquisite blossoms

Sounds to propel you to insight, to lucid dreaming, or just to get height above your circumstances.

Just picture yourself being tenderised with the softness of heartful contentment…….

…becoming sandwiched, between beautiful beams of delicious lights and sounds, lovingly…….

There are 2 parts to this music, both 45 minutes long

Lay on its carpet of textures, feel the colours of the sounds varying slowly, across and alongside each other

This is a voyage no other composer could create, a wonderful blend of expansion and logic.

Learn how to float, and give yourself, to these sounds and they will carry you to some exquisite and subtle places in your being

This music can be like a shape of mists rotating in one’s consciousness, but also capable of revealing the glistening presence behind them.

Imagine having this experience ready to hand to support or recreate you when you feel the need.

Go ahead and make it yours.

$9.97  (about £6)

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