This is peaceful music like no other.

Four Peaceful Pieces

four peaceful pieces by lawrence ball

Slow down,….. no, really, slow RIGHT down, not just for  5 minutes.

Take 30 – 60 minutes to recharge your connection to yourself, these pieces will take you right off the treadmill.

They let you completely off the hook and more.

Deep calm and joy will flow, will abound.

See your life and your responsibilities afresh, get height, see things more clearly

You will love to take care of yourself in this way, big time, especially if your mind is skimming and skidding.

We all do these days, we all all cranky buddhas.

What is the sound of one piano meditating?

Music at this pace has a magical effect on you, many report feeling deep peace, in the body particularly.

These pieces were created with the deliberate intent toward deep peaceful atmosphere, experimenting with rhythm so slow it becomes a repeating wave of peace.

There is a sense of vastness, a gently intense stirring to engage you, emotionally and mindfully.

The music creates a vacuum, that hoovers up your clutter, anxiety and turbulence.

The slow rhythm of waves of peace allows a free filling of the music with joyful flourishes.

Maybe you’ve been through a difficult encounter? Maybe its simply time to recharge with some secure mountain peace? Maybe you’re seeking an intuitive way through a challenging situation?

This sonorous peace is a facet of all Lawrence’s music, a signature of his artistry and energy, let it reverberate through your being today.

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One Response to Four Peaceful Pieces

  1. Barb says:

    Absolutely beautiful Lawrence! How did you know I was looking for something just like this to listen to while I work on my computer? :)

    Thank you so much ~

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