Lovingly Strip Away Your Mental Clutter

Image of Sound

image of sound by lawrence ball

Peel away your many layers of buzz, hyper, fizzle and activity from your senses.

This music can evoke the evaporation of thoughts, worries, tangles.

These are 7 varied pieces created from the striking of magical iron bark sticks, but lovingly reassembled into vistas and sandwiches of sound bliss

The sticks were played bu dance-artist Linda Muddiman-Rose

The sticks are magically transformed into cascades of gorgeously rich sound textures. One example, through speeding up, they sound like massed choirs of crickets.

“Meditation” and “Condensation” are particularly meditative – they take away your highest sounds first and then gradually remove almost all of them, finally arriving at deep, slow booms, with long pauses, carrying you beautifully to peacefulville.

These pieces were created also for a multi-media installation with the artist Genie Poretsky-Lee called “Image Of Sound”.

Removing clutter, anxiety and buzz through sound has helped me wonderfully over many years to keep vibrantly alive, focussed and alert.

These sounds will take you to beautiful states, they all mimic the rich interplay of life’s energies. Each piece has a different journey through the rich layers of sounds and is “carved” from 17 tracks, some of them from 68 tracks of vibrant sounds.

Do try this, buy right now, it will reward you repeatedly, I urge you with sincere enthusiasm……….

$9.97  (about £6)

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