Tender caresses for your mind


silverstream by lawrence ball

Bathe your mind (why should your body get all the treats) in sound

Wash your being with gentle movements, very effective if you can’t sleep.

This is a sound cradle, or cocoon, that will hold you in a gently rotating hammock.

As you listen, you can imagine magical murmurs to embrace your deep self, which become real and tender

Dare to get more comfortable inside your self, expand your breaths of peace, of subtle energy

This can powerfully dissolve or slow anxious thoughts

This is a new kind of music, where the notes have internal musical changes, but also form melodies, so that it becomes impossible to tell which is which.

Celebrate your existence quietly, as a soft, clear sound, firmly embracing peace itself

This is the “bridge over troubled waters”

These are specially shaped and sculpted electronic tones and harmonics.

The result is a magical combination of space and structure for your enjoyment

You remember mobiles that hang from the ceiling and change with the air currents? These are the same – but musical, reinventing the experience of rest for you.

I encourage you. Do buy now and be taken to these beautiful states of mind.

$9.97  (about £6)

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