You deserve the Rolls-Royce of sound healing

Sonic Shapes

by composer Lawrence Ball and healer/counsellor Isobel McGilvray

sonic shapesRadical experiences from bathing yourself in exquisitely penetrating harmonics

A significant step forward in the healing arts

At last a vibrant stream of pure sound energy to soothe you.

As close as it is possible to be to the sound of the aura

A massage of all levels of your being

now rereleased in the digital domain (was “ShapeTapes”)

Immerse yourself in the tumbling fluctuating world of inner shape-shiftings

Unlock new levels of radiant relaxation

As used on tour by the Who’s masseuse

SonicShapes are based on an invention of Lawrence Ball, composer, musician and mathematician, who has been exploring sound, in different media, for many years. They are sound sequences based on a single note, over which a computer delicately etches a tapestry of tonal textures.

Lawrence programmed a computer-synthesizer to make a sensitive, smoothly-developing field of sound – as close as one can get to making an acoustic image of the aura.

Isobel McGilvray is an experienced healer who developed a way of working with the fibres or threads of the energy body, which facilitates personal balance and wholeness. She suggested developing the computer sounds on the basis of geometric forms. She recognised the potential and effectiveness of the resulting SonicShapes sounds, and researched their effects.

SonicShapes are tones that gently yet powerfully restore a person’s internal resonances, creating a profound sense of well-being. Their harmonies are not only musical, but also psychological.


SonicShapes are a unique self-help tool which enable you to improve your own health and well-being in a simple and effective manner. They are the result of a unique collaboration between a composer (Lawrence Ball) and healer/therapist (Isobel McGilvray) to help treat such personal needs as stress reduction and self-development. The tapes stimulate creativity and can be used in education. ln fact their uses are very exciting. SonicShapes are a new breakthrough in healing with today’s technology.

Imaging yourself listening to a tape which has the effect of tuning your body, just like a tuning fork! Each SonicShape is based on a geometric shape which is reproduced through a computer creating a single note with long cycles of overtones.
Each shape has a different ‘toning’ effect on the body. It can be relaxing, it can be stimulating. Depending on your needs at the time, listening to the relevant tape will help bring you into a state of harmony, something which is so necessary in today’s living.

Listening to the relevant ShapeTape is as good as having your own therapist on tap. You are in need -then put on a tape to caterforthat need, that state of mind. SonicShapes are certainly not another brand of New Age Music, they are a gentle form of healing therapy.

Mathematical patterns are fed into a computer linked to a synthesizer. The shape is then programmed into sounds, which can also be produced visually.

Many people feel calmer, clearer or energised within minutes.
Sometimes there is an initial sense of disturbance, partly be-
cause the ears are unused to high frequencies, panly because the resonances make you aware of the parts of yourself that are off key. Other people respond more slowly, feeling very little at the time, realising later that they have an increased sense of well being. The tapes affect people differently according to your own ‘shape’.

There are seven programs (or shapes) to choose from, each one relates to different personal needs. By reading through the list of effects, or the list of qualities in the SonicShapes book, you will find the right shape for you.

Ten minutes every day in the morning or after work suits most people, however, it really depends on you. lf you wish to listen to them for longer or shorter periods to suit your own rhythms, then that is alright. Whether you play them for background listening in your car, or in a meditation, it is important to stress that their effect is very powerful.

No. What you hear is all that is there.

Your ear will usually tell you when you have had enough.
Occasionally people feel spaced out or wound up after listening
to the tapes but this is usually because they have been listening
to them for hours on end. Should this happen, the effects will
soon wear off.

Yes, and as a result can be used to stimulate and energise the
chakras in meditation. Here is the relevant shape to the
relevant chakra.

  • Squares – Base chakra
  • Circles – Sacral chakra
  • Triangles – Solar Plexus chakra
  • Four-Leaf Clover- Heart chakra
  • Rose – Throat chakra
  • Helix – Brow chakra
  • Lines – Crown chakra



is reassuring and grounding

is relaxing and nurturing

stimulates creativity and sharpens your awareness

expands and centres you

is gentle and sensitive

arouses, excites and gets you moving

clears your mind and brings a light focus

What People Say About




“The sound of Squares is very harmonious: I blend with it rather than react: I have been restless all day, now feel content and able to enjoy being alone – I could listen to this for hours!”

Paul G., Student, Oxford

“SQUARES reminds me of sounds made by a didgereedoo.”

Mark Connell, Sth. Australia

“After 15 minutes of listening to SOUARES I felt increased circulation in my legs and the leg cramps that trouble me were 90% improved.“

Peter M., London

“SQUARES feels wonderfully earthy, gave me an immediate sense of grounding. What a relief! It is comforting, reassuring, peacefuI.”

Robin I., Musician, Yorkshire

“SQUARES is like being hugged. It would be good for going to sleep. It is like an old father, not too much going on, a resting place or rock. It makes me appreciate shapes, l’d like to draw a room to this sound.”

Pauline R., Artist, Yorkshire



“l went straight into a dream world with TRIANGLES where I could be anything and do anything. I couldn’t resist, the sound pulled me in. This is a powerful state to be in. It let me let go of little circles of thought or worry, which freed me to wake up. After listening to the tape I had a very creative evening.”

Paul G., Student, Oxford

“When I feel blocked artistically, stuck and in resistance, I play TRIANGLES and suddenly l’m already in the studio beginning to work!”

Marian Marshe, Artist, Berkeley, CA

“A feeling of something like raw power with TRIANGLES. I was in touch with a part of me l’d never experienced before.”

Q.R., Derbyshire



“CIRCLES was quite dramatic the first time I heard it. I had been experiencing stomach ache during the last few days which was completely alleviated within minutes.”

Mark Connell, Sth. Australia

“l felt young after CIRCLES, very connected to my body. It brought me back to a better version of myself than I had left behind. I felt the effect for a week after one listening. It seemed to reverse the process of what l am doing to myself. I realised I need to do things in a different way.”

Robert W., Artist, Sheffield

“CIRCLES made my body feel alive. I had a sense of breathing deeply. Wonderful womb images and sensations. It made me wonder what I wanted to give birth to creatively. I felt open to being contained, very grounded and centred.”

Pauline R., Artist, Yorkshire

“lt was amazing to breathe in rhythm with CIRCLES, like breathing in the womb. A rocking feeling, calming, like being on the sea. I felt I was being shaken, so that something deep was loosened and kept rising to the surface. I was in touch with a deep sense of Ioss.”

Rebecca S. Findhorn



“I had difficulty getting into LINES at first, then felt very light and had strong images. It was a being state, everything was very slow and comfortable. I felt I had been fed, or acknowledged in some way.”

Christine S., Sheffield

“LINES has a light clean feeling. Great for a hangoverl”

Nick B., Derbyshire

“LlNES gave me an enhanced feeling of existence, a subtle vibration through my whole body. I was able to focus thought without distraction while remaining aware of what was around me.”

Paul G., Student, Oxford



“ROSE is the most pleasant sensation, sensual, my skin coming alive, soothing. I melt into the sound, it feels like my rhythm. It takes me quite deep, almost into dream. I hada cold feeling like after a healing.”

Mark T., Sheffield

“The sound of ROSE seems to enmesh with my being as if it goes through me. I have more energy and a quality of poise and balance.”

Andrew E., Sheffield

“ROSE made me very receptive. I felt as if a lot of restructuring, realigning or retuning was going on almost at a molecule or atom level, as though everything was lining up. lt was a complete experience, my mind was empty of thoughts, my head was so clear. The sound was like being stroked and caressed. I felt refreshed and rested.”

Jeanette W., Meditator, Yorkshire

“ROSE sounds at first like a dentist’s drill but it releases tension in my head. It is as if the bones expand, and the skin across my cheek bones becomes less taut. Extraordinary effect, very relaxing.”

Stephen C., London



“With HELIX I went off somewhere I have no words for. A sense of wholeness, connectedness within self, grounded not as I understand grounding, as if in a totally different part of myself. It is energising, exciting. I went out of body. I feel I could increase my sluggish metabolism with this sound.”

Rebecca S. Findhorn

“HELIX gathers velocity like a rocket going through space. l felt very at home with the sound. Afterwards I had more energy than since age 15. It was as if the sounds had cleared out thoughts from my head that were taking up space, and this allowed more energy to come in.”

Nick B., Derbyshire

“My six year old daughter was stressed by school. She would get too wound up to go to sleep. I began playing HELIX to her at bedtime and she got into the pattern of settling down with the sound. I notice with delight that since using the tape she is her usual bubbly self again”

Jeanette W., Meditator, Yorkshire

“l had an initial sense of panic and wanting to throw up with HELIX. Then it was like tripping, l was flying! My attention was expanded and centred at the same time. Afterwards I became aware how I need to look further ahead and out more.”

Christine S., Sheffield



“FOUR-LEAF CLOVER is relaxing in a way that transforms stress and tension into vibrant emotional energy. It is perfect for the stress of modern life. It cuts out the mental chatter. A meditative feeling.”

Paul G., Student, Oxford

“FOUR-LEAF CLOVER was most akin to transcending. I was just being. A sense of space, not a lot of thought, being at home, most powerful, yet velvety.”

Jeanette W., Meditator, Yorkshire

“FOUR-LEAF CLOVER definitely opens the heart. I had a feeling of being cradled, rocked. It was energising and also very solid, centering and grounding. I became aware of not being loving or compassionate towards myself. It was like coming back to the source of nourishment.”

Rebecca S. Findhorn

“FOUR-LEAF CLOVER made me peaceful and centred. I was aware of constriction round my heart, of having distanced emotionally. It made me want to open my heart up again.”

Ms. N.K., Sheffield


The SonicShapes come with 2 free eBooks.
The SonicShapes manual to help you understand and use the sounds
The SonicShapes research ebook (analysis of 100 listening sessions based on the verbal reports of participants)
They are digital download only, and the 7 programs run for between 45 and 70 minutes each.
This complete self-healing kit with 7 albums of SonicShape sounds and 2 eBooks should not be compared with a mere set of music. This is a rare combination of healing, mathematical and technological expertise.
They can provide hours and hours of deep adventures
There are also 7 additional sounds included with this release, that were not part of the original 1988 release on cassette, including “UFO” the original sound that was the first ever made.
Currently the SonicShapes are on a special offer of $47 (about £30) for the set
Can you resist the plunge into other worlds?

Give yourself a treat that will last a long time, bathe in healing energies and sounds.


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