"Discover joyfully calming and naturally stress relieving sounds of Meditational Music by Sonic Shape creator Lawrence Ball"

Music to launch you to the deepest joyful calm yet...

  • Explore your deeper self through sound and music - unlock your inborn creativity
  • Taste of the continents of inner experience
  • Tap the universal mind
  • Breathe the life force energy or kundalini into the body
  • Easily and effortlessly through the naturally healing energy of sound

This is a unique opportunity to explore the deeper dimension of your self through sound and music

Cherish and taste your energy in the mirror of this music: download these tracks as a gift, to give you a glimpse or birds' eye view of the continents of inner experience that await you

This is a panoramic introduction to my work, I am offering 7 gifts, samples from some of my dozens of albums, to give you a big taste of my music's world.

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These pieces result from decades of dedication to exploring, through sound, meditation, blissful and healing states, and the wonders of sound and imagination.

This world of composition, piano, and the magical possibilities of electronic, computer and synthesized sound is free to dip your toe into, in fact, go ahead and dive right in.

My work is a unique combination of artistry and spiritual alignment, having been deeply informed by practice, work and studies in both fields.

This site's focus on the strong connection I make between music and meditation is best heard in and experienced through the music.

Experienced meditators will transcend, seasoned music lovers will touch greater depths of peace, music novices will find a new and simple gateway, a guide to new realms.


1) Part 1 from 20 Piano Pieces


Welcome into a wonderful energy field, glowing, heart warming, joyful, outrageously happy and calm. 

An altered state of being, of breathing with your centre, your core self.

Piano music to embrace your mind, and inspire your heart.

Breathe, no, really really breathe this music which has space around it, to enjoy your self, to feel enchanting energy


2) A sample of Circles, from Sonic Shapes:

You deserve the Rolls Royce of sound healing,

A sensitive, tender, sometimes invigorating, massage

Reaching those places even your lover or masseur cannot

Inside the body and the brain, as well as on the surface

Deeper than a hug, always on tap, this is a reassuring caress,emotional nutrition to give your feelings new space.


Is it a didgeridoo? Is it a ufo? Is it an orchestra playing one note?

No, its super SONIC SHAPES.

Sonic Shapes come as 13 recordings and 2 ebooks.








3) Piece 3 from Four Peaceful Pieces


Slow down, ........... really slow down, not just a quick 5 minutes

But a 30 to 60 minute recharge of connection to who you are, these pieces will take you totally off the treadmill

Let you completely off the hook and more

Deep calm and huge joy abound

See your life and responsibilities afresh, get height, see things more clearly

You need to take care of yourself, big time, your mind is skimming and skidding,

We all do these days, we are all cranky buddhas.

What is the sound of one piano meditating?

4) Part 1 from Cosmos

Visit the whole universe inside you

Explore vast joy

Explore the finer realms of energy

Feel yourself to be a symphony of being, of expansive musical happiness

Expand the space and spaces you feel in your body

and then, Journey to remote places in outer space, at the very least in your imagination.



These synthesizer pieces are spontaneous, and felt that they played themselves, whether or not you like the word "channel", they came through me as if from way beyond.


Some say they remind of angels singing, of glorious light and sound emitted by stars, or of celestial beings.

So the sounds easily mesh with those who are open to the idea that there is more to the universe than the physical plane.


5) "Meditation" from Image Of Sound

"Meditation" will lovingly strip you of your mental clutter

Like peeling away many layers

It will still you gently and firmly

It imitates the evaporation of thoughts

You will gradually move from buzzing to clear ringing of energy

The other tracks are sparkling firmaments of sounds

They will take you to other states, these sounds mimic the rich interplay of life's energies.

Sounds of ironbark sticks being struck together, are magically transformed into cascades of rich sound textures.





6) Part 1 from Silverstream

Bathe in sound, wash your being in gentle movements.

Tender caresses for your mind.

Very effective if you cannot sleep.

Celebrate your deep self, engage it with magical murmurs.

Expand your peace muscle, dare to get more comfortable inside yourself.

An extreme act of sonic devotion to firmly embracing deep peace.

This will slow and dissolve all your anxious thoughts.



This is the "Bridge over troubled waters".

Specially shaped and sculpted electronic tones and harmonics


7) Sample of part 2 from Crystal Mists In Silver Air

Embraces your quietness with a deep hug, calming and inspiring.

Dive under its sonic duvet of many layers of material.

Crystal Mists gives you space to expand the shore of your awareness.

Space to allow insight, lucid dreams, or height above your circumstances.



Invites you to be sandwiched between beautiful beams of delicious lights and sounds.

Tenderizes you with the softness of heartful contentment.

An orchestra of synthesizer sounds, all with floating qualities.


Much Joy and Love to you,

Lawrence Ball








© 2011 Copyright - Lawrence Ball